School History

From 1867 the Simpson and surrounding community's children were educated in one room school houses until 1905. In August of 1905 the first two room school house was built to serve a total of 65 students. This was the first school to be called Simpson. In 1915 a large two story wood building of six classrooms was erected. In 1924 a new three story brick and masonry building was constructed. This was extremely modern at the time and was an educational show place for this area of Louisiana. In 1938 a new building was constructed. This building included our present "old gym" and part of the high school. In 1958 a new 600 seat auditorium, a modern cafeteria and music department, and an agriculture and shop complex was added. In 1970 a new, modern, air-conditioned, carpeted building with classrooms for all grades and administrative offices was completed. In 1995 the new gymnasium along with a weight room and two additional classrooms was completed to help meet the growing needs of our school. In 1997 the processing plant was converted into a Pre-K and Kindergarten Center, consisting of two classrooms and restroom facilities. In 1998 a Baseball/Softball Complex was established for school and community use. In 2003 a pavillion was added complete with a ball court to facilitate community involvement. Also in 2003, Simpson added a computer lab used for online classes, research, test prep, and more. Soon after, students were taking classes virtually with the Louisiana Virtual School. Students could now take classes that were not available at the high school, as well as, take dual enrollment classes for college credits. In 2006 SHS became known as a Title I School and received funding for our students' educational benefit. Starting in 2006, Simpson teachers began to get ActivBoards in their classrooms. By 2010, every classroom was equipped with an ActivBoard. Also in 2010, a CVC (compressed video classroom) was implemented to teach students Spanish with a face-to-face teacher from the parish. Simpson students were also able to take Medical Terminology for the first time through this format.  

Simpson High School has a rich tradition of providing excellent educational opportunities for its young people. It is all made possible by the splendid cooperation of all concerned; students, parents, teachers, community member, and everyone! There is an intense community pride and school spirit deeply involved that overrides all other considerations -- May it always be so!



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