Grading Policy


Grade  % Equivalent  Description   Quality Points
 A  93-100 Excellent 
 B  85-92 Above Avg. 3
 C  75-84 Average 2
 D  67-74 Below Avg. 
 F  0-66 Failure

Explanation of Letter Grades:
A-Excellent (93-100%): Class work and assignments are on time and of the highest quality. The student demonstrates initiative and interest to work independently beyond class assignments and makes valuable contributions in class work. The student who produces superior work achieves this grade.
B-Above Average (85-92%): A major portion of subject material is mastered. Assignments and class work are completed on time and in a creditable manner and the student frequently makes valuable responses in class. The student who does high-quality work achieves this grade.
C-Average (75-84%): Most of the subject material is mastered. Most assignments and class work are completed on time and in an appropriate manner. The student who does satisfactory work achieves this grade.
D-Below Average (67-74%): Some of the subject material presented is mastered. Some of the assignments and class work are completed on time and in an acceptable manner. This grade is earned by the pupil whose work is below average because of lack of effort of ability in that subject. A "D" is an indication of possible failure.
F-Failure or Unsatisfactory (0-66%): An insufficient amount of material is understood. Class work and assignments are unsatisfactory. Poor response in class and poor quality of work indicate a need for additional time and effort in the subject.

Both the letter grade and number grade will appear on report cards.

Students enrolled in Dual-Credit course given by or through an accredited university will follow the grading scale from that university.

Graduating seniors will be recognized as honor graduates using the system defined below:

    Grade Point Average
 Summa Cum Laude   3.90-4.00
 Magna Cum Laude   3.70-3.8999
 Cum Laude  3.50-3.6999

Class ranking for graduating seniors will be determined by averaging all final grades that exist on the students' transcripts.